South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Muhammad and Raya Y. (reporting); Translator: Nayanya
חסימת כבישים במסאפר יטא

In Susyia we met Wadha, Nasser and Id from Umm alKheir.

In the last three weeks, 5 new outposts have been built in each section of the southern Hebron Mountains, with tents and fencing for sheep:

A sheepfold near Zanuta.

Near Tuba.

Near Sima'a.

Between Carmel and Maon - foundations were laid for a winery

Near Avigail

The method works in the following way as it did yesterday near Abigail: a settler arrives from the settlement Mitzpe Yair area with sheep belonging to him and settles in the fields of the Palestinians. The shepherd set up a tent to provide shade for his flock. The tent was attached to an old bus that had been thrown into the area by settlers a few days earlier. In this way, the settlers take over the area and establishes facts on the ground.

The Civil Administration received photos and information, the lawyer on behalf of the Palestinians sent a message to the administration and a reply was received that the administration will handle the application as soon as possible. We will report from the field.

Blockages in Masafer Yatta:

* Between Halet Alzabia and close to Umm Fakara

* In the road connecting Masafer Yatta to Yatta itself pits were dug to block the road. Every 30 meters a barrier was placed that went as far as two kilometers.

* Main water line was cut to 12 villages. The last time the pipe was cut, residents were told the water line had been cut by mistake. Now the residents asked to be careful not to cut the pipe. Unfortunately in the last excavation, just before the soldiers finished the blocking work, the pipe was damaged and they left the place quickly. The feeling is that the pipe was intentionally.

A complaint has been sent.

On the way, we watched a National  Social Security trailer arrive at outposts in the southern Hebron Mountains to take care of the needs of the Jews.

Occupation routine