Gush Etzion

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Smadar, Michal (photographing and reporting), Muhammad
מיצד - נוער חרדי על קורקינטים

Since we heard about a new settlement somewhere east of Sa’ir, we went to look for it. We passed through Sa’ir (which is northeast of Sa’ir) and arrived at the east of Gush Etzion, the edge of the Yehuda desert. The settlement Penei Kedem is on our left and on our right Metsad (Asfar), an ultra-Orthodox settlement, to our surprise. Two fairly old settlements that we didn't know about. In the middle, in the distance on the hills between them, we saw the new settlement. We took pictures. Maybe when we are in another car we can get closer.

Peni Kedem looks out onto the desert, towards Arugot river and looks like a fairly established settlement, with a neighborhood of caravans.

Suddenly, like a Fata morgana, two ultra-Orthodox children appear, racing on electric scooters, entering Metsad.

Each settlement has its own fence and gate. Muhammad is afraid to enter.

We wander around, taking pictures, pretending to be interested in the desolate desert vegetation. Someone shows up to ask pleasantly if we need help and what we were doing there. Our answers put his mind at ease and he drove off.

All the way on Route 60 there are new "Noam" signs: returning the soul to the country.

In the meantime, they are taking out the souls of the Palestinians!