Visit and accompanying the shepherds in Khalat Makhul

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Ben Tzion A., Hagar gefen (Reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben Avraham


07:00 – Khalat Makhul

After the sheep drank water from their troughs and we all went out with the flock.  We walked slowly over the hills and they stopped occasionally to graze when there was grass.   On the way back Ben stopped to talk with an officer from the camp nearby.   He warned us that this was an area where the army practiced throwing grenades such as those that we received on Friday at Tawani.  On our way back it became apparent that guests had arrived at the shepherds’ tents, so we let the shepherd B. go to receive them and returned with the flock. 

We filled the water troughs and fed the flock seeds and B. arrived to help.We spoke with the guests, Yair Bontzel, M.K. Yair Golan, and their aides and Rachel and Galia.  B. described life in the region and the limitations that the settlers impose on them.     

As usual, the visit ended after we sat with B., who prepared hot drinks and we talked and listened to music until 12:00. 

The day ended with a visit with B.’s brother’s  family.  We discussed the plan for loaning them boxed games and we left games for the children.  We all had a good time.