Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Semadar (photographing), Michal (reporting and photographing);Translator:Natanya
הנירים שנחרשים עכשיו במטע הזיתים העתיקים נראים נפלא
חסימת הכניסה לאל פוואר

At the Dura El fawwar junction the army has blocked blocked the entrance El Fawwar. According to the people this happened  last night and it is unclear why. In the area of the vegetable plots despite the piles of dirt and fences they continue to try to sell their produce. The army arrived as we were buying vegetables. I asked the soldier if he knew the verse from the Haggadah of Pesach that the   more you cause the people to suffer, the  stronger they will become. The soldier answered me that it really is not so. They can sell their crops but not at the roadside because it is dangerous and if they do so on a side road far from the axis no one will bother them.

We went to Hebron to visit Idris. The furrows now plowed in his ancient olive grove look wonderful. He is still mourning the burning of some of the trees and as a result the crop was much smaller. But he admits that it turned out that not settlers did it but Palestinian children. For no reason. He spoke  to their parents who said that they had no control over them.

To the God of life there are solutions.

Idris says a day ago there was a soldier at the policeman's checkpoint who demanded that he take off his clothes and insulted him by so doing, He cursed him and other soldiers who know him calmed him down. There are many who know that he has rescued Jews many times and they demanded that the soldier apologize to him and so it was. Idris, like Issa Amro, tries to conduct themselves proudly but without violence in the face of the occupation forces.

More implicit is that there are differences of opinion between them.

What is certain is that the ancient patent from the Roman times of devide and rule succeeded here as well.