Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Alex W., Shoshi A. – reporting. Photos – Alex and Shoshi

We began with a repeat visit to the grocer at Hor. B. tells us that about a month ago, at the quarry on the way to Beit Lid, which belongs to Israeli Arabs from Calansua, the army arrived at 3 AM and detained three watchmen, after a shooting shooting. The watchmen, one from Hur (with no weapons), and two from Tul Harem (holders of weapons without permits) used the weapons without reason. They were probably informed on and as a result the soldiers arrived and detained all three. The Palestinian from Hur was released and the two others are in jail in Israel and await trial.

B. is prohibited from entering Israel because he has refused the request by the “SHABAK”(the general security service) that he cooperate with them, and despite the fact that he has worked for many years in various towns in Israel in roofing, and speaks fluent Hebrew. His wife, daughters, and their families live in Israel but he is prohibited from visiting them. His sons and their families live near him at the village.

All in all, it is rather quiet in the region. Soldiers rarely arrive and they do not pester the inhabitants. Thus life goes on when there are no settlements in the region. 

Falamiye North CP no. 914

The gate was opened on time.

falamiya 914 240117.jpg
  The gate is still shut (photo by Alex)


The gate with the pedestrians’ passage which is probably opened when there are many persons waiting to pass

falamiya 934  240/1/2017
Waiting to pass (photo by Shoshi)


A Lively traffic of tractors. 7 tractors and 11 Palestinians on foot leave. 4 Palestinians on foot and on tractor entering.

Falamiye South Gate 935

The gate is opened on time, at 13:22 and the military policemen tell us politely that photographing is forbidden.

Falamiya  935 24/01/2017
Waiting to pass (photo by Alex)                                       


Two tractors and 5 men and women leave. One civilian car leaves too.

Falamiye North CP

Here too a passageway for pedestrians has been built, but is not in use at noon          

13:40 – it is quiet at the CP. Everybody has gone through. We leave.

We stop for shopping in Nebi Elias.

14:25 – Eliyahu Passage

We are questioned as to where we have been. The answer: At Tzofin. What did you do there? We visited a cousin. A stupid question deserves a stupid reply. Go in Peace. We did.