Opened the gate? Half and hour late.

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Ruthie Katz and Hanna Aviram

Habla, Checkpoint 1363, set up next to the separation fence near highway #55 (on the other side of the road is Qalqiliya, surrounded on all sides by a wall and a fence);  the checkpoint separates the Palestinians from Qalqiliya and the village of Habla from their lands; students from the Bedouin village Arab-a-Ramadin from their school which is in Habla.

The checkpoint which was supposed to open at 7:10 was still closed at 7:48!

A school bus has been waiting since before 7:10.  At 7:35, the driver returns and drives to the checkpoint Eliyahu Crossing.  So that they might get to the school by way of Qalqiliya.  Did they get there before the classes began?

People wanting to get to work in the fields and nurseries are waiting beyond the separation fence.  Also the guards in the fields.

At 7:30, we called the DCO.  Ugh!  No answer.

7:48 - The gatesinfo-icon opened, but the computer "wasn't working".  It seems that the computer was fixed, since from then on, the people waiting went out in groups of five to ten each time.  The teachers' bus which was waiting all this time continued its journey after another 7 minutes of inspections of the documents of the passengers.

8:14 0 A youth returns in the direction of Habla.

8:15 - the checkpoint closes.