Zanuta - malicious destruction of the school by the violent settler marked by President Biden, Yinon Levy

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Smadar Becker (reporting) and Muhammad Dabsen (photographing)
זנותא - סמדר מוסרת לפארס את הספרים שחילצה מבית הספר ההרוס
פארס וסמדר בשוויכה. מאחור ניתן לראות את חוות יהודה של אלישיב נחום וימינה את חוות ינון לוי, שני בעלי חוות אלימים ומסוכנים

Fares, who until a few months ago lived in Zanuta, next to the South Mount Hebron Regional Council, was evicted like all the residents of the village by the settler who owns Meitarim farm, Yinon Levy. This happened in December 2023.

The name Yinon Levy appears on the list of violent settlers of Biden, the President of the USA. Years of bullying, invasions, taking over Palestinian pastures and threatening the families at Zanota, took their toll. The Palestinian residents of the village destroyed their houses and other buildings with their own hands. We were there on duty, Michal, me and Muhammad, when Fares and his sons loaded the little  they had  which they took with them onto vehicles. It was shocking, sad and painful.

The school, small but the pride of the place, they left behind.

We have not visited there since the deportation, for several reasons, mainly to avoid meeting with settlers who graze their herds there, of course, feeding on wheat and barley in the residents' territories.

This time we decided to go in and see with our own eyes what the violent settlers did to the school. Deliberate and malicious destruction. Notebooks and books are scattered among the fragments. It is heartbreaking.

I took some books, picked some chrysanthemums and we continued to Shweika on Route 60, where the deported family moved. Upon our arrival, we are greeted by Isma’il, Fares' son, and his two-year-old toddler son. Fares is not far away, at the edge of the village, watching over his son Jibril who is tending the family flock in the nearby wadi.

From this point you can see Eliashiv Nahum's farm (Yehuda's Farm) which is opposite the Sham’ah settlement, and Yanon Levi's farm, mentioned here at the beginning of the report. He watches and guards.

Guards because Eliashiv Nahum and his gang often come to the family's territory, threatening and intimidating, and moreover, they physically harmed Fares several times. Their goal is to expel the family again, also from here.

Jewish supremacy is exercised in all territories.

The original pasture was in a flat, comfortable area. After violence and threats, they were forced to move to pastures not far away, but the area is rocky and sloping.

We sat for a short time in the shig (the place to eat) and Jibril calls and reports that Elyashiv's car has left the farm. We ran to check if he was going in the direction of the pasture, but it turned out that the direction was different. This is how their lives go. Constant fear.

We also usually visited Muhammad, Fares' brother, and his family, in their house next door. They don't live there anymore. Muhammad sold his house (for a low amount) and moved to nearby Dahariya, and now has to rent a home. We say goodbye to Fares and Isma’il with sadness.

On our way near the school, we talk to several students. They say that they study only two days a week (we know from visits to other villages). On the rest of the days, they help with grazing.

Why should they learn? Even this right, which is so important and necessary, is taken away from them.

This is the occupation in all its "glory".