Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sa'ir, South Hebron Hills

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Michal T.; Translator: Mike S.

South Hebron Hills

Everything is as usual until we arrive at the spring with a small pool, situated about 500 meters south of the Dura–Al Fawwar junction.  There are very many military vehicles parked there and soldiers are walking around in the field, because children are throwing stones from there.  We feel that there is tension but don’t see anything.  There are also many army vehicles next to the pill-box which overlooks the junction, for the same reason. 

We again drive to the Sa’ir junction as messengers for Ronit and Sylvia.  More people are in need of our help, and for the same reason.  The cancellation of work permits is a severe blow and is incomprehensible, especially since most of them are returned after harassment and payment.


We have again brought forms  for the trips to the sea for those who need them.

A garden with childrens’ games has been made at “the disputed house” .  The settlers broadcast “ We are enjoying living here . . . . in spite of the soldiers surrounding us below and on the roof (A photograph will be sent direct).

Road-bend No 160 looks like a completely fortified site, as does the Pharmacy Checkpoint and the   “1936 Riots” Checkpoint.

We are not allowed to enter the parking-lot next to the Patriarch’s Cave, because, according to a border-policeman, it is simply full-up.

On the stairs ascending to the Cordovah school it is quiet and empty.  The new gate which the army built is locked.  Only authorized people are allowed to ascend these stairs, because they are opposite Hadassa House. The soldiers in the inspection cabin secure every centimeter.

We invite an old man who is walking with difficulty and panting on the way up to Tel Romeda, to travel with us to the new checkpoint (a picture will be sent separately). It’s obvious that it’s hard-going for him and of course Palestinian cars are not allowed to drive there.  The additional checkpoint at the right-turn at Tel Romeda is blocked.  Soldiers in the cabin examine both those coming and going – of all ages and all conditions.

Despair : a whole town under siege for 600 settlers.