Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Lea Shakdiel (reporting), Muhammad

I came from Gush Etzion, so this time we started in Hebron.

The city is quiet. Abed is desperate, there are no tourists so no livelihood. Children on the street that are still learning in capsules i.e. each group one every other day. Of course girls separately. The bored bunch of boys shoot pellets. In Yeruham, the police arrested a merchant a few months ago who distributed dangerous toys to children and one can only hope that someone here is also guarding the welfare of the children.

Nervousness of the security forces: Near the gas station at the entrance to Kiryat Arba, the guard raises his head, demands ID cards, loudly verifies that one of us is a Bedouin, investigating whether we are coming to the demonstrations. It is clear that those who attend the right-wing demonstrations are welcome. A demonstration here is not freedom of expression but an effective weapon that is  allowed to the Jews  and forbidden the Arabs . Near the Cave of the Patriarchs, the Border Police does not allow parking in the usual place but in a place that does not hide their  field of vision, according to them: near the Sharia court.

Below is a description of the photo:

In front of the former wholesale market - Bnei Akiva Hebron reminds: Do not fear,  Israel,  because you are a lion cub. And when the lion roars - who will not be afraid? A condensed version of the  Jewish character: either you are afraid that you will be beaten, or they will be afraid of  because you are beat them.

South on Route 60, the road is being renovated with great speed (as between Jerusalem and Beit Ummar north of there). The Al-Fawwar-Dura junction is beginning to be renovated. And also the Estmoah junction is being renovated..

In front of Bani Naim, in the square where Road 60 curves in a northerly direction, a civilian vehicle with the Israeli flag is  parked, open, from which the square is viewed - settlers? GSS?

M. It is reported that during the last events in the country, the supervision of the Meitar crossing environment was tightened and therefore no illegal workers   are to be seen  seen in the area.

Finally, a recommendation, B'Tselem's latest report with the latest data on the burst of settlement expansion and the  demography of the area  in the past year which  includes the phenomenon of the shepherds' farm phenomenon, how the two width belts of settlements (on the Gush Etzion line and the Ariel line) further divide what remains of plundered Palestine.