Anin checkpoint: "The border guard shot over my head"

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Neta Golan and Shuli Bar (Reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

06:00 – 08:30

Many workers were waiting on the seamline zone side of Barta’a Checkpoint for their transport to work.    There was heavy traffic moving towards the checkpoint on the lower (Palestinian) side but there was no delay.    Some workers were also arriving on impressive motorcycles which is something new.   The area around the checkpoint was very dirty. 

All the attendants were trying to find the owner of the vehicle that was parked in the area designated for commercial vehicles.

At the Tibeh Romena Agricultural Checkpoint 154 there was on the road to the C.P a steel gate that blocked our path to the checkpoint itself.   We were unable to find out why the gate was there and who had put it there.  We saw about 25 people (A lot, relative to this barrier, due to the massive issue of crossing permits).  We took one person to the Palestinian village of Um A-Reihan where he works as a gardener.

At A’nin Agricultural Checkpoint 214 we encountered an Israeli policeman  driving a jeep.  He stopped next to us  and spoke rudely and angrily without knowing who we were.  He claimed that this is  a security road and that we were not allowed to drive there.  We informed him that we have been coming here for 15 years and would continue to come, which did not calm him down.  He promised that we would hear from him again.   

A resident of Anin came out of the checkpoint with his five daughters.  They intended to go for a walk in their olive grove.  He thanked us for continuing to come to the checkpoint and for taking interest in them.   His gratitude serves as an incentive for us to continue to visit the checkpoints and our belief in what we are doing.  We gave a resident of Anin a ride to his olive grove and he told us that policemen from the Border Patrol had fired over his head when they asked him for his papers while he was working in his olive grove.   

At Tura Shaked Checkpoint 300 traffic was moving without delay, but the filth around the checkpoint was unbelievable.

There were no soldiers at Yaabed Dotan Checkpoint and traffic was moving without delay.

Autumn 2022 is already here and the occupation continues.