Burin - Palestinian harvesters injured in an attack by settlers from Yitzhar

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Fathya A (Based on a telephone report) Translator: Charles K.
פלסטינים מוסקים שנפצעו מתקיפת מתנחלים מיצהר

Yesterday, 23.10.20, a Friday, at 12:30 PM, settlers from Yizhar came down quietly, unnoticed, armed with clubs and iron bars, and attacked Palestinians from Burin while they were harvesting olives in an area south of the village, beside the Yizhar bypass road.  They fell upon the harvesters, beat them, and caused damage.  A number of people were slightly injured and four others required treatment in the Nablus hospital.  One of them was even transferred to the hospital in Ramallah because his injury was very serious.  He’d been hit in the head and required 17 stitches.  The four are still hospitalized.