South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Smadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
בית האלמנה באום טובא
התמיכה הטכנולוגית במילוי מים

Following a report written by some volunteer, we decided to travel to Umm Tuba, near the settlement Maon and the outpst Havat Maon in the east.

We arrived at the "home" of a widow living there with some of her children (adults it must be said). Turns out one of them is suspected of stealing a 2 m. long rope, a cable, a plastic and a container for watering sheep. A week ago this house was raided by the authorities and searched and the items were taken away . The man ran away and is afraid to return home because he received an summons for an interrogation. He was told present himself.

What day? Early. What time? Early. After a few phone calls with Itai Mack and ith further details from family members, contact was made with lawyers who deal with what is considered criminal offence and not just human rights.

We were told later that the man has a reputation for such offences. Maon settlers have complained more than once.

Seeing the misery and poverty of the family compared to situation of the settlement next to them, explains everything.

Later I was in contact with other decent people, who are in the area and help the victims of the settlers and I was happy to know that there are lawyers who deal with these disenfranchised.

The vehicle, which was full of clothes and babyinfo-icon equipment, was emptied there.

Then we drove to SusIya.

Nasser told of the demolitions in the area which are taking place the whole time. The next day he asked us to come to an event which was very unpleasant but we could not come.

In general we feel very bad in light of what is happening in the area and our inability to really help prevent the evil that is raging there.