'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Ronnky Perlman (photographing), Shoshi Anbar (reporting and photographing); Translator: Hanna K.
השער הפרוץ בחבלה

Owing to the Corona restrictions we do not visit faraway places which we used to visit in the past, but we did two good deeds and that’s a reason to set out on a shift.

 At the Eliyahu Checkpoint there are three cars at the checking aread and two cars waiting to get in. At the exit from the checkpoint, direction east, there are 40 cars waiting for drivers to take them back home, probably to Qalqiliya.

Azzun – we visit Z.’s home to give him the pascels for the shop and to buy olive oil bottles. The whole family is at home. There are no studies owing to the Corona, although according to him there is no Corona at Azun but only at Kilkiliya. His three sons immediately volunteer to transfer the parcels, which we have brought. The eldest son stays in his room. Since that night, on which he has been taken for investigations by the General Security Service – the Shabak – he suffers from trauma.

The work permits for Z. who has been working at one of the Settlements and for his son are in the hands of the Sylvia team. In the meantime the family suffers from lack of income and from trauma.

At 12:30 we meet M. from Thulth at the center of the town. Since the last two years our members help him and buy olive oil from him. I approached Abed, the owner of a supermarket in Jaffa, and asked him to buy from our friend olive oil for his bakery. He has a lot of excuses to explain why he couldn’t drive to the West Bank and to make a big purchse. End of story – I bought from M. two jerrycans and brought them to Abed. I hope the quality of the oil is to his liking.

Habla CP 1392 – An agricultural gate as the army calls it.

We arrived at 13:20. There is nobody around , just a filthy container full of remnants of a meal that was eaten here. The opening in the fence has been repaired, but there is a new one on the left side.

Persons arriving on foot enter of course immediately. Also youngsters riding horses gallop in freely – a heartwarming sight. Who can tell them what to do on the territory belonging to their family?

At 13:40 an army vehicle arrives and the crew opens the gatesinfo-icon at both sides. The soldiers are polite, as long as no problem arises. They offer us bottles of mineral water. They know Machsom Watch.

The vehicles which come out: 4 tenders, 3 all-terrain vehicles, 3 tractors, 7 private cars and bicycles drivers. 2 big trucks packed with equipment wrapped in nylon sheets (cabels?) are forced to wait on the side for approval of those in charge. The driver is enraged. According to him the matter had been coordinated yesterday. After a long wait and phone calls to the officers, they go on their way.

An elderly man who arrives on electrical bicycles is not allowed to enter. A heated argument ensues. The man was rightly furious. After a loud argument he was allowed to enter.

14:15 The soldiers close the checkpoint. Three pedestrians and a man on an all terrain vehicle arrive and are sent to the Eliyahu CP. This is what is written on their permit. What a nerve wracking bureaucracy. To what extent can one pester people. When will there be an end to these shameful procedures. At the end of the occupation.