Hashem al Daraj kindergarten

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Fatima, Zada, Mohammad (report by Mira, according to Muhammad and Fatima, and with the help of Azzam)

9:30 a.m. – 13:00 p.m.
Meitar border point:
 Crowded as usual on Saturdays. Muhammad was detained for a long time, since he only had his driving licence with him, and did not have his ID. The person in the border point claimed that the driving license belongs to somebody else, since the photo seems different. Muhammad was allowed to pass only after Hanin, his wife, sent a photo of his passport. Fatןma and Zada waited over an hour.  

Road 317: Little traffic and much military: Karmel, Tuwani, Susiya, Metzudot-Yehuda.

In the Susia junction, there were military vehicles and gathering of Palestinians and forein activists, that demonstrated against land appropriation (taken by the authorities)  in favor of the settlers. We continued towards Mesafer Yata. The road from Um el-Qhair to Hashem el-Darage  was bad and difficult due to stones and rocks that have been flooded by the heavy rain, and ruined the road margins as well. Hence, it took us over 2 hours to get to Hashem el-Darage. The weather was really cold, with strong dry winds.

Hashem el Daraj kindergarten: Huda and Hauka welcomed us, and we checked the classrooms and the yard.  Classroom condition is very good. The kindergarten surrounding was all very sandy, because of the heavy wind. Zada checked the bags and books of the children, and provided some advice about correcting children activities and how to inspect their capabilities. She also discussed teaching using signs and movements.

Afterwards, there was a discussion about the issue of teaching children with disabilities. There is a deaf-mute child, that suffers also from loose muscles.  He is the only child of his parents, and due to economic problems, the family is unable  to give him appropriate medical treatment. The child loves the kindergarten, and likes the mixing with all other children. Huda said that the child had acquired several capabilities , and is able to get involved and understand. He comes regularly and tries not to stay home.  Nevertheless, the kindergarten and  the teachers are not trained for handling his special needs, and he deserves a special treatment.

In addition, there is another deaf grtl in the kindergarten, named lemar. She arrives regularly, and loves that. Huda and Haula mentioned that she has deaf cousins, which points to genetic illness in the family. Her family is also poor and does not have the necessary funds for a proper educational treatment. The teachers say that she is clever, and can participate in some general activities, in spite of her deafness disability.  There was a discussion of the problem of having deaf children in a regular kindergarten. Zada suggested methods of description and explanations that are likely to improve her integration and understanding. A photo of Lemar is attached below.

Fatima and Zada brought a printer and explained to Huda and Haula how to use it for printing working pages for the children. They also brought large plastic boards for the teachers, to use with various teaching means. The boards are donated by the owner of a teaching and school materials shop.

Huda reminds that the kindergarten is always short of drawing and painting pages. One sided pages (that are already printed on the other side) will be welcomed. In particular, if somebody has coloring pages (like downloading coloring pages from the internet), that might be of great help. It would be enough even to provide files of coloring pages.

Pictures of past activities in the preschool – the album gallery of Gan Huda: