Accompanying shepherds up the hill in Hamra

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Yossi G., Harag G. (photos and report). Translation: Danah E.

09.00 – 14.30​​

Size does matter: The last few months in the Jordan Valley are distinguished with the tiny growth of the grass and the tiny spectacular blooms. The small Afghan ring (pictured above) is large near its little yellow companion.

And what's that got to do with accompanying shepherds?

Everything of interest that pleases the eye and allows for a little joyous soul-stirring is welcomed. Yesterday, the shepherd "visited" the Benjamin police, to testify about the attack on the herd, the shepherd and the escort by the neighboring settler.

Such neighborly relationship ... almost like that of the Afghan ring and the flower.

We are here, walking in the wake of the shepherd and the herd, hoping to  mostly empower ourselves, as the shepherd knows and recognizes with absolute certainty that he is: here.

The landscape design is also effected by the perpetual munching of goats and sheep.