Al-Walaja, Etzion DCO

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg
 Cars in captivity
Natanya and an elderly man from Beit Awa

At Walaja the entrance only allows to come in or go out at one time. In other words, the army can close the entrance to the village whenever they want to.  

Three young Bedouin from Beer Sheva were arrested on suspicion of having taken part in an armed robbery in Bethlehem and were cleared but their car is now in Bethlehem in the hands of the Palestinian Authority, and they have not managed to get it back and once again are being sent from pillar to post including the DCO. We gave them the number of Leap and St. Yves. 

An elderly man was waiting for a young relative from Beit Awa who is at university who had been called in by the GSS for questioning.

The father is working, and the young man was scared to come on his own. He came out while we were still there, 17 years old and one could see by his face that he was very frightened. We asked if the GSS had wanted him to cooperate with them and he said no. But afterwards he told the older man that they had wanted him to do so, and he had refused. There was a big difference between the two men. The younger who only knows the police and army and the settlers and the older man who has worked in Israel, speaks excellent Hebrew, and knows other Israelis. He said that the GSS would probably phone him again and use his fears to force him to give them information. They know who is weak. He said that the situation in the villages is terrible, and we gave him the number of Michal Tsadik in the hope that she can help them. They had arrived at 10 and were lucky to have got out so quickly. The older man said that other people had gone in before them.