Zanuta - settlers from the shepherds farms destroy crops

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Muhammad and Daphna. Editor: Mira Blaban; Translator: Natanya
סימיה - עם פרחאן

The eve of Shavuot. The Meitar crossing is less busy than usual. The Palestinians work according to the hours that they work on a Friday, and some have given up going to work today because the army closes the entry to Israel at the checkpoint at 11:00. The closureinfo-icon begins in the afternoon.

From the events of the week: Around Dahariya (Area A), in the outer parts, there are neighbourhoods that are in the B area. In the Anab al-Kabir neighbourhood, outside Dahariya, towards Ramadin (Area B), they destroyed the house of the Ranawi family, which was built as a guesthouse and a venue for events. There is a lot of rubble in this area.

We talked on the phone with Fares from Zanuta (Route 60, near the intersection with route 317). He complains that the settler, Yinon from the nearby Meitarim farm patrols the area with horses and dogs on his land, causing damage to the crops and scaring the sheep. Now, in the harvest season, they work very hard, and are afraid that the settlers will burn their grain. Fares guards the hay all night with his family.

We met Mahmud from Shweika, which is west of Highway 60. He says that they saw settlers from Havat-Yehuda (opposite the settlement of Shima), getting off a van at the entrance to the village and throwing sheep carcasses and wool. We know that these are the settlers' sheep because the Palestinians' sheep are of a different breed. This also is a kind of neighbourly relationship.

Finally, we arrived at Farhan in Simiya. He says that there have been no special problems recently. The school (which was destroyed many times in the past) is functioning as usual. Summer vacation starts in June, and now it's exam time. They are preparing and looking forward to the Days at the Sea with the women and children.