'Atil - I respect Israelis and expect them to respect me

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Shosh A. Translator: Charles K.

When I was in Far’oun on Tuesday, 23.6.0, I telephoned G. from 'Atil, intending to visit him as well, but he didn’t answer; today he returned my call.

Here’s what he told me:

The Corona has been difficult for them.  Physicians, teachers and municipal employees haven’t been paid in two months.  Nor have others worked or had money to buy food.  He’s left with crates of produce and has had to throw it all away.  Especially cucumbers.  He also grows mallows, eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes…  Whatever he’s picked but can’t sell has to be thrown away.

I again heard about the holes in the fence.  Everyone prefers to go through the gaps to reach the Jubara or the Efraim checkpoints to enter Israel.  It saves time, confrontations with the soldiers, and humiliation.   So, in effect, there’s no difficulty entering Israel to find work.  There’s always a labor shortage in Israel.

Nor can politics be ignored:  Israel now has an opportunity to make a peace agreement with Abu Mazen.  Whom are you waiting for?  Hamas?  Sit down, talk, understand one another.  What do we want?  To keep our lands.  Let us live.  It’s senseless to require permits for every little thing.  It’s burdensome and humiliating.  I respect Israelis and expect them to respect me.