Visiting a Palestinian family in Se'ir

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M. and Hagit (reporting); Translator: Natanya
סעיר - חגית והסבתא של המשפחה

 A long shift: we left shortly after nine and returned after two.

All along road 60 are posts manned of soldiers.

New cameras are being installed at Amos intersection.

Road widening works near the Migdal Oz settlement.

We brought clothes to the Ja'bri family near Hebron.

Parking near the Jaba' checkpoint costs NIS 10 per day.

The parking lot near DCO Etzion is full of vehicles seized by the army and the Palestinians will have to pay fines to free the.

We spent most of the time talking with a Palestinian family from Se'ir.

The schools are on holiday and the fact that there are no programs for the summer for the children is not helped by the fact that economic and security situations are very oppressive.