Tarqumiya – children and their mother going to the sea

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Ariela, Smader and Michal (photographing and reporting); Translator: Natanya
תרקומיא - מגיעים ליום ים
תרקומיא - נוסעים לים

Today the last group of mothers and children came to Tarqumiya checkpoint from Hebron for a day at the sea. A camerainfo-icon crew came to accompany and film a documentary for German television and for  Europe. We were asked by Rachel and Raya to come to escort them and to make sure that they pass through the checkpoint without delay.

They arrived from Hebron half an hour late, but luckily the soldiers at the crossing  made no problems. Captain Roy behaved in a humane, polite and matter-of-fact manner, and fully cooperated with us. He is a native and resident of Sderot.

Towards the end, a woman arrived with two children aged 8-10 who were not registered as her children, and there was a fear that they would not be allowed to enter. After a short discussion, the security officer exercised his discretion and authority, and to our delight, decided to allow them to enter.

They set off about an hour and a half after they arrived, happy and cheerful.

We could go home feeling that we had done something good. 

We were happy to give a small hand to this wonderful project,

Rachel Afek and all the other volunteers are great!