Barta`a checkpoint: the difficult events in Jenin were not visible at this checkpoint

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Tami R. and Hannah H. Marcia L, Translation

15:20 – 16:40

Barta’a Checkpoint

Hundreds of workers are returning from work in Israel and the Seamline Zone. Many tell us about the morning situation that differs from day to day; sometimes, the passage is fast, and at other times they are delayed in line for up to an hour or two. One of those who crossed through sent us a video that describes the morning condition. A few seamstresses who shopped in Barta’a, where they work, return to the West Bank with baskets.

The terrible events that occurred at night and in the morning in Jenin are not alien to this checkpoint.

Tura Checkpoint

Three women and two families with children return from Jenin and Ya’bed to their homes in the Seamline Zone. They tell us that Jenin is locked down today, apparently from 07:30,  as is the Jalama Checkpoint. Workers return from Israel and the Seamline Zone and tell us that the checkpoint was open this morning at 07:00 and was “OK.” Other workers leave from the West Bank to the Seamline Zone to work the second shift at Shahak (The industrial area in the Seamline Zone). Cars pass in two directions.