Update during Corona: East Jerusalem neighbourhoods

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Anat Tueg; Translator: Natanya

Report in Corona Days

The absolute closureinfo-icon which was  announced on Monday at the checkpoints concerning  the Jerusalem neighborhoods which are beyond the separation barrier, lasted only a few hours, and residents with blue permits living in those neighborhoods freely pass through the checkpoints. Some of them are investigated as to where they were, had they been in  areas in the West Bank where Corona was discovered, but this was also not systematic.

From Sheikh Sa'ad reports we were told by our friend N. that those with blue certificates, that is, residents of Jerusalem, pass freely at the checkpoint from the neighborhood located in Area B to the “mother“ neighborhood, Jabal Mukaber. The southern exits to Bethlehem were closed by the Palestinian Authority. In the Ma'aleh Adumim traffic circle, the road to Jerusalem was blocked, so the only way to Jerusalem is through the Sheikh Sa'ad checkpoint.

From our friend, Aviv Tartavsky of  "Ir Amim" we learned  that this was the case in Sawahira ash Sharqiya. There residents of Jerusalem can go through by cars if they are on the regular list, as well as some residents of Sheikh Sa'ad from  a special list. He knows that in the Shuafat refugee camp and in  the Qalandiya refugee camp and Kafr 'Aqab the people are in a similar situation. In the Shuafat refugee camp, Border Police and police entered to enforce store closures - that is, they took charge of the neighborhood in this respect.

We heard about the village of Wallaja from the Dharma group, which is in contact with the residents. It is adjacent to the Mount Gilo settlement and is close to the Beit Jala  (where the Corona cases were discovered). The Palestinians blocked the road to Beit Jala, while at the checkpoint towards Jerusalem residents with blue cards pass. The opening of Ein Khania National Park, which was due to be opened, has been postponed. It was used by Wallaja residents but is now going to closed to them. The Dharma group also report that Jerusalem municipality inspectors distributed demolition orders to the inhabitants. Demolition is going on.