Ramadan in lSouth Hebron Hills

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya

Sunday, one of the first days of Ramadan. At Meitar crossing, early in the morning, it was very busy. Parking lots are full.

People go to work early and come back earlier.

Ramadan this year is in the winter, so it is much easier for people to fast and continue to work but shortens the working day.

Route 60: Wheat and barley fields, everything is green. There is still a teachers' strike in the schools.

We passed by the Eshtamoa outpost. It seems that each time there is growth on the inner side of the settlement.

You don't see checkpoints at the intersections, but there are soldiers at all positions. From the reports, most of the blockages and inspections are in the morning and afternoon/evening.

The Al-Fawwar intersection is also open, but soldiers are in positions on both sides of the road.

The crossroads of Qilqis is open.

Route 317: Zif intersection is open. The Asael outpost is still under construction and development has been accelerating for several months.

Because of Ramadan, we didn't go visiting friends this time.