Tora checkpoint: The donkey does not cross in red

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ina Banai, Ruti Tuval (photos)


Shaked-Toura Checkpoint: The donkey does not cross a red light…

14:50 We cross the Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint. Quite a few workers are already descending the long ‘sleeveinfo-icon’. Our seamstress friends wave us in greeting. The car parks are full.

15:00 Ya’abad-Dotan Checkpoint  A group of soldiers from the Golani Recon unit come to speak with us near the concrete blocks. We are impressed with the army’s ‘melting pot’: a moshavnik from the Sharon area, a Carmel Druze, and a lone soldier from Ukraine – son of a Muslim father and Jewish mother. First they declared that “You have nothing to look for here, go to politicians and to other checkpoints”. But later, thanks to Marina’s experience and patience with years of guidance behind her – they stayed to chat for nearly an hour. In the meantime, cars passed by and waved in greeting to Ruti, who has no more patience for talks with these ‘gung-ho’ soldiers.

The army gate on the way to Maoz Tzvi is locked again.

15:50 Hermesh Checkpoint - Empty of people and cars. The road signs direct towards Mevo Dotan and Afula, totally ignoring The Palestinian Ya’abad and Jenin. The former checkpoint equipment resembles contemporary sculptures. Or a wound in the marvelous landscape.

16:05 Barta’a-Reihan, seam zone side - We meet the workers at the entrance to the ‘sleeve’. Many complain of the morning crowding and the huge time robbery. It takes them 40 minutes to cross the checkpoint. They know how to tell us about the new (permissive…) policy that enables even young bachelors to work inside Israel.

16:30 Toura-Shaked Checkpoint - The garbage all around defines this checkpoint. It seems we will not be able to live without it… Cars cross leisurely, even some mechanized bicycle, and even a donkey-back rider. Nice wild flowers border a field of tobacco plants growing vigorously.

16:45 Anin Checkpoint - We visited it briefly and found it getting more and more gadgeted for the soldiers who are still there guarding the Separation Fence.