Masafer Yatta, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya
דרום הר חברון - אצל אבו סאפי

Sunday is always a busy day at the Meitar checkpoint, both because it is the beginning of the week, but also apparently, because it is now impossible for illegal workers to go through loopholes in the fence, and also because the quota of permits for those looking for jobs has been increased.

Muhammad received a report that there was also a great deal of congestion in Tarkumiya. 

As for Masafer Yatta which is in the area of the maneuvers of the army, we do not want to enter as the army can confiscate the vehicle. We speak to them on the phone ... 

We drove to Abu Safi. Those who travel there can see carcasses of animals... and it is clear from Abu Safi, they are not his!!! He burns the corpses. Muhammad says it is not clear if the animals were sick or poisoned and why this has been done. It can only have been done by the settlers and this is dangerous. The settlers also pass through his field with ATVs and herds, causing damage to agricultural crops, and destroying his wheat. The crops are poor anyway, because there has not been enough rain this year and he works alone. Because of this and also because of the war in Ukraine, animal food has become very expensive and the price has been doubled. It does not pay to grow sheep and cattle.