Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Leahף Translator: Natanya

1. Travel north on Route 60. The square at the entrance to the village of Kaliklis (east of Beit Hagai) has been completed, and the road south towards the village is opn. Opposite north towards Hebron - warning regarding entry into Area A.

2. From the Sheep Junction we drove north, through the southern industrial area of ​​Hebron, towards the entrance to the DCO, (the entrance - on the right). There is no queue, whoever arrives enters immediately.

We talked to a young man who exited. He had waited half an hour - a normal bureaucracy ... but he is prevented from entering Israel, both a GSS and a police. He claims that it took him a year and a half of coming and going to get a paper that even says it! The paper, of course, is in Hebrew and we translated it for him. He was a denied entrance to Israel  for 10 years because he participated in a demonstration in which he threw bricks , 2 years for participating in riots, and 10 years for throwing a brick (we were not convinced that there was proof that he threw the brick). Years have passed and it is clearly written that we are no longer a GSS engine. He is stil prevented and we gave him  the phones of Chaya Ofek in the hope that she would be able to arrange for him to settle the payments on the fines, otherwise the period of prevention will be renewed again and again and the fine will only swell. It is clear that they did not explain to him at all what was written in the paper that was finally given  to him.

3. The southern entrance to Bani Naim is open (with the warning sign for entry into Area A).

4. Back via Route 317. At the Zif junction there are again cameras on the road.

5. M. tells me that there are a number of black families in the area. Probably descendants of slaves from Africa.

6. The new farm in front of the Maon-Carmel barn is thriving rapidly. The water pipe is visible, of course only to Jews. A large area is fenced and arranged for planting a vineyard. Since the coming year is a Shmita year, the date of planting fruit trees was only until Tu B'Av, which passed a few days ago, so the expectation for planting the vines will only be over in a year. No matter, the whole area seems ready and built for the task.

.7. Visit to Abu Safi, southeast of Asa'el. Coffee, cold sabras, yogurt like in the Balkans (Iran, in Turkish). I also got a tip as to why the vine in my yard is dead - it is  too close to the fig  tree! He reports to us:

A. His daughter lives with her family in Zanuta. His  son-in-law reports that the Civil Administration has pasted ads on the houses to be demolished and recommends that residents demolish the houses themselves. Today the Civil Administration came and photographed the houses and left - seems like preparations for demolition.

B. Yesterday morning, Israel Kaplan, the settler on the farm between him and Asa'el, brought his herd into Abu Safi's barley field, which he had not yet harvested. The herd consumed the grain, a loss of 4 shekels per kilogram, it is a native  barley which is a remedy for high sugar.