Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya
סוסיא - גן הילדים המשופץ

Sunday, the  Meitar checkpoint is full, tomorrow is the eve of our holiday and a closureinfo-icon for  the Palestinians.

We drove to Machtal Masalem. The family lives in a cave because  their tents have been confiscated ... They are  surrounded by scrap metal, rocks, harsh conditions. They collect firewood, because it is very cold at night .... They have placed a kind of gate / barrier at the beginning of the path to the caves, so that the settlers cannot get to them and it is quite helpful. The husband goes out to pasture every day, the wife at home with the little ones and the older children study in Samo', and come home only on the weekends.

Susiya: Following the commotion about the playground in Susiya, we went to see what was going on there. We met Nasser who said that at first the settlers came to them, to claim that the playground was illegal .... Nasser told them that this was not their problem, that the police would come .... When Knesset members arrived at the amusement park a few days ago, settlers also came and for about an hour caused problems.

Meanwhile, the park has not yet been demolished. The  kindergarten is essentially a renovation of a kindergarten that was, and looks like a pile of junk and very dangerous for children to play there.

This  is an agricultural area, which belongs to the Palestinians, but is not allowed in construction !!! The whole area is a mass of ruins, or warehouses.

(Compared to the illegal outposts that are growing and growing ....!)

Adv. Kamar Mashraki from the Hakal organization handles their case.