Falamiya - university graduates don't find work in their profession and are agricultural labourers

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Tirtza A., Ronnny P.; Translator: Judith Green

We arrived in the morning to Kfar Azzun, everything was quiet.

From there, we travelled to Kfar Jamal.  Every time we visit there, we are made aware of the luck of these residents of not being near any settlement and that they are able to live their lives quietly.  We met women who are studying at the university, we met a doctor who works in Kfar Saba.  This time, we did not meet people without security clearances who are not able to support their large families.  Whoever works in the West Bank is not always able to make enough profit to support a large family.

We reached the checkpoint and the soldiers arrived on time.  A few tractors went through, loaded with za'atar, and a few elderly people as well as a few youths who worked on their family's land.  The group of youths with whom we spoke were university graduates, but did not find work so they help their families in agriculture.  We joked with them and they asked us to find them Jewish wives so that they could get to the sea, to restaurants and to Tel Aviv.  We left somewhat happy to feel that they had the will to carry out their lives!