Ya`abad checkpont: huge signs herald the expansion of the settlement

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Neta G. and Hanna H. Marcia L., Translation

Mevo-Dotan, Area C

We passed the Barta’a checkpoint that separates the Seamline Zone from Area C of the West Bank and continued towards Mevo Dotan.  The fields are green, spring is blooming. Signs for the construction of the “peaceful” settlement and pictures of Rabbi Menahem Schneerson hide the guard tower of the checkpoint and the red sign that warns from entering to the Palestinians Area A. Signs of the Occupation.  At the checkpoint itself, there is no guard and the cars pass to Jenin with no disturbance.



Barta’a CheckpointHundreds of workers return from work, primarily in Israel.  In the lower parking lot (after passing the terminal),  hundreds of cars are parked during the day leaving almost no orderly paths for traffic.  There is a lot of crowding at this hour; cars have a hard time leaving the checkpoint.  Because of the crowding, at every corner, people try to help—with their hands, with shouting, and with much good will, to solve the traffic jams.  Because of the heat, the nut and cookie/cake counters go inside the awning that leads to the terminal.  People approach us and Neta gives them the phone numbers of Sylvia’s staff, who may help them submit a request to remove them from the list of those prohibited from entering Israel


Tura Checkpoint
Workers return from jobs in the Seamline Zone and in Israel.  One of them tells us that “Today they opened at 08:00.”( A delay of one hour.) Another person says that he left for work in the morning from Barta’a Checkpoint (a long and expensive way) because Tura Checkpoint opens later and the hours are irregular.  Two policewomen come over to talk to us and tell us that in the near future the Border Police officers will replace the soldiers.  The wall that is being built on the fence already reaches the checkpoint and there will be additional work done.