Zanuta – the settler's sheep ate the whole harvest

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Muhammad and Ariela, (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
זנותא -  אצל פארס בבית

Our shift was on the Day of Arfa, the eve of the Feast of the Sacrifice, which is a fasting day in the Islamic tradition. Therefore, the parking lot at the Meitar checkpoint was not full.

We went to visit Fares  in Zanuta loaded with packages that Smadar had collected. It is the harvest season and the road is strewn with bales of straw that decorate the fields Fares  came to us from the harvesting.  Despite the fast, we were treated to facus cucumbers straight from the field. Whoever doesn’t know the taste is losing out.

Muhammad recalled that a few days ago, when he was passing by the road, he noticed two of the family's children standing and selling the cucumbers  on the road, and their mother standing at a distance, making sure that no harm would come to them. Muhammad's hawk eyes also noticed that opposite, on the road, two settler children were standing at a bus stop and their mother was also standing in the distance watching over her children.

In Zanuta, they suffer greatly from the settlers of the Yinon farm. The settlers' sheep ate everything that the Palestinians had sowed and now the settlers also ploughed the lands of the Zanuta people.

In Fares' yard nothing gets lost, everything is used and organized.

While we were with Fares, Muhammad received a call from Nasser who informed him that at this very moment the army entered Khalet Al-daba' to confiscate a generator. Unfortunately, we did not have a 4x4 vehicle so we could not reach the place.

The visit to Farhan in Simia was postponed because Farhan had to travel urgently to Hebron.