Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Jit Junction, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Rochaleh, Fathiya (reporting); Translator:  Charles K.

14:05  Habla.  The soldiers had already closed the gate when we arrived and we saw no Palestinians.  They apparently had accepted the situation.  We telephoned the DCL.  They were “surprised” and said they’d look into it.

The military pickup truck is still parked by the farthest plant nursery from the gate.  One soldier is asleep and the second approaches us.  They’re from a rescue force and not connected to the checkpoint.  Their only task is to take care of the fence.  They begin their shift early every morning and leave at night.

The gate is closed before time
The gate is closed before time
Rochaleh H

14:35  Jit junction.  The tent is still beside the road, soldiers within.

14:45  Burin.  The position next to the school is manned, three jeeps surrounding it.

15:10  Einabus.  We drove to Einabus after we received a message from ‘Adel that soldiers had entered the school.  We spoke to the head of the local council who told us that today (Thursday, 27.9.18) soldiers burst into the boys middle school.  Many soldiers began searching the rooms, claiming they’re seeking a wanted person who wore a black shirt or a blue shirt who’s present in the school.  The principal shut the classrooms to keep the pupils inside and prevent serious confrontations with the soldiers.  Meanwhile many residents came streaming to the school and began to confront the soldiers.  The local council head telephoned the Israeli and the Palestinian DCLs, and two hours later the soldiers received a phone call and left.  The soldiers reached the school through the hills of the Yizhar settlement, not through the village.  As we left Rucheleh telephoned Munir who told us that settlers from Yizhar picked olives from trees belonging to residents of Huwwara, and stole them.  We spoke by phone with the man who’d had some of his olives stolen.  He said that while the army was patrolling in the area he saw the settlers stealing the olives and they chased them away (but they took the olives with them).  They notified the Israeli DCL which contacted the Palestinian DCL which notified the municipality, and the owners of the groves were permitted to enter them to examine the damage.  The area is called “Al Naqar.”

15:35  Huwwara checkpoint.  It wasn’t manned, nor was Beit Furik.

15:45  On our way back from Beit Furik we were surprised to see two military pickup trucks standing at the Awwarta checkpoint (back to back) one at the entrance and the second next to the house.

16:10  Za’tara.  The inspection booths aren’t manned.  The stations are manned and soldiers are present in the area.