Palestinian Hamra: Settlers threatening and harassing

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Rachel A., and Yossi C., of the Shepherd accompaniers. Translation: Danah E.

From the moment we arrived at the place, at 7:20 until the end of the pasture at 11:30, we were joined by two hill boys who are at Moshe Sharvit's service in his illegal outpost. One on a horse, gave instructions to the other who led the herd. Early in the morning, Moshe arrived in an ATV to check on the situation: Has the boy managed to film us hitting him? This was the task Moshe had set for him. Without success.

Later he came back to visit us again after he was at Fadel's. This is how he moved from one area to another. Trying to disturb the Palestinian herds.

We made sure to keep a reasonable distance between the herds, as well as between Mo'in and the boys. Yossi did not let Moshe's herd come near nor the boys. While Moshe was away they were quite passive. As if when the employer is not around they don't really work.

And when he appeared they would pretend to be quite busy disturbing us.

Moshe latched on to Yossi and a little to me. Talking endlessly, singing, rocking, insulting, trying to get Yossi out of his composure. Like a leech clinging to its source of life.

Yossi managed to remain calm and unresponsive. I filmed. It was quite exhausting and frustrating.

We called the army and police. They did not reach us. Police arrived at Fadel's pasture

The question was constantly being asked in the air, "What are we going to do with Moshe?" There is no solution for this.

And so, out of frustration, I made a video, together with Gili, from the morning itself, as well as other films and other events that accompanied us this year.

I'm attaching the video here and I'd love for you to spread it. It's on my Facebook.