Rafaiya - house demoliltion

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Ariella,  Semadar,  Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
האוהל על גג הבית

Our main object was to to visit Rafaiya, o see the demolitions and to ask how the people are. The demolitions took place two weeks ago.

On the way, we saw army jeeps  encircling the fields and at the Dura-El Fawwar on every side possible, preparing for something. Then on Route 317 near Zif Junction.

We then went to see what is happening  at Mitzpe Ziv, where there are  signs of something happening.

Then a ruin with a broken sign in memory of someone whose  blood will be avenged and also a Price Tag graffiti on the ruin. They call it a sukkah. A spectacular view of the Judean Desert and Nahal hHever and the heart aches in memory of the aircraft of the late Assaf Ramon.
Then we drove to the tiny Rafaiya between Dirat and the Zif Junction. The destruction of what was home once to parents and their six children is appalling. An attempt to rebuild from the rubble of  4 years ago was once again crushed and sealed by the Civil Administration and the army.

Why? Why?

Illegal construction we are told.

What is there that so bothers you? Nothing. Poor dwelling houses. The grandfather turns around in grief and does not stop muttering again and again:

"They came in at 7.30 in the morning, didn't even tell us in advance,  they didn't let us take our  clothes, no foods, no utensils , everything belonging to the children was detraoyed".

Everything is ruined, a beautiful door, floor tiles, clothing, small bikes and two trees, an Olive crushed under rubble.

The trees of the field are human?

Now they have been given a tent and built it on the roof of a house on the Wadi slope so that one can see them from the road. The mother came with a 3-month-old babyinfo-icon wrapped in blankets, tiny., What do we say except to say that our hearts are with them and how we can help.

So I have towels and blankets to give them, but I think they still  need warm clothes and more blankets.