Eyal Crossing, Jayyus

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Pitzy, Rachel, Reporters from Yedioth Ahronoth, Raya (reporting); Translator:  Louise

The second day of Ramadan

02:40  Pitzy collects me on the way to the train that will take us to Ramat Hasharon where we are meeting Rachel and the reporters.

03:30  When we reach Jayyous,  we call Naim who directs us to his house. "Keep driving straight to the mosque, go straight, turn left and again turn left…."  We keep driving but unfortunately we reach a different mosque. We make another call. "Turn back and when you see a donkey tied with a rope you will know that you're on the right way." We ask what to do if there is no donkey. Naim answers that it's always there.

03:40  We arrive at his house and wonder why the light is not on. Naim comes out  and says: "When you arrive it's already light."

Regarding the checkpoint, the picture speaks for itself. The reporter Oded Shalom took it.