Hashmonaim (Ni'ilin), Makkabim (Beit Sira)

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Nurit Wagner, Anat Shafir (reporting). Translator:  Charles K.


05:30  Ni’ilin checkpoint

The Palestinians cross the highway toward the gap in the fence, which provides access to the checkpoint. Masses of people, taking their lives in their own hands. No crosswalk, no traffic light. The checkpoint commander is aware of the problem.  It also endangers his Israeli employees.  He can do nothing. It’s the responsibility of the National Roads Authority.  Has someone any suggestions?

People go through the checkpoint quickly, in about 15 minutes.  6000 Palestinians in the morning.  More than 3000 had crossed by the time we arrived.  The checkpoint has received an efficiency award…  There is a great deal of construction, to double the size of the checkpoint.  It will take a year.  They expect the number of laborers crossing to double.  Is that good news???

The commander greets us.  He’s a nice guy, trying to do a good job and seems to be succeeding.  The Palestinians have no complaints.

06:20  Macabbim checkpoint

Everything moves quickly.  No complaints.  There’s no room in the parking lot here either.  Cars by the roadside pick up workers.  It looks very dangerous.