Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Yehudit Keshet (reporting), Muhammad D., Michal B. (guest), Natanya (Veteran); Translator: Natanya

We left at 9:30 this time, so the Meitar checkpoint was open and we hardly saw any Palestinians around. Road 60 was very quiet, as was Route 317. We traveled to Susiya and heard from Azzam the ills of the village since the remains of the ancient synagogue were discovered on the site and the residents of the surrounding caves were expelled for the first time and several times over the years *. He also told of the constant attacks by  the settlers of Susiya. Also of  the settlers’ intention to build wells and a swimming pool (?) on land which belongs to the Palestinian village. We also met the grandchildren of Azzam who played happily  between the legs of the adults!

We went to Tuwani and met people who said that everything was calm, but also one who said that it was not.! Our friend Nasser was not at home and he is a more reliable source of information! Members of Operation Dove were also absent and their home was closed.

But under the surface everything is the opposite of calm,  both peoples. There are obviously hard days ahead of us


Cave dwellers, they are not Bedouins but shepherds who  live in caves most months of the year - in the summer they wander with the tents in pursuit of grazing. In winter they would usually move to the nearest town of Yatta. The caves are a safe home and some people say that there is nothing like living in the caves. In recent years, the army has blocked many of the caves and wells that have provided residents with water, but in southern Mount Hebron there are other people who live like this, including Azzam.