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Ariela Slonim (photographing, Michal Tsadik (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya

The first part of the shift was devoted to a visit to Azzam and Wadha from Susiya, over whose heads the demolition order hangs. They are modest people who are smart and enlightened and they are in the right but in spite of that they live in constant uncertainty. Every morning the orders and the demolition may come. Azzam confirms that the authorities are speaking or leaving them about 20 percent of the land. That is, the tents, a place for the flock, the chicken hut and that's it. He is determined not to budge from his land. He owns the Turkish Kushans (documents) which testify that this is his land. He tells us that representatives of the foreign embassies in Ramallah have been here. People come all the time from all over the world. It is certain that the Israeli government is aware of this, and therefore, despite not allowing them to remain since Liberman became the Minister of Defence, does not dare to destroy them in the meantime and is attempting to find a proper solution. In the meantime he is trying to work his lands.

The water flows through the pipes next to his tent but only reach the settlement of Susiya. The wells are his but he must not pump from them. The same is true of electricity wires. They have electricity and water because of the facilities established by peace organizations from the European Union. He and his wife plant flowers in every tire thrown in every piece of soil that blooms with vegetables and herbs. The sheep, the geese and the chickens are raised in spite of everything. Everything is as clean and tidy as people who love their home make them.

"You see that concrete that I poured among the natural stones here?" he says, “so as to create type of floor”. This, too, is forbidden to them. “The authorities told me that they would destroy it.”

“We wait,” he says.

“We'll be in touch.” we promise that we'll come anytime it is necessary, in the hope that enough people will cry out about what is happening here.

An unthinkable evil pervades this area and the heart goes out to these people whose existence is ignored.

the home of Azzam and Wadha
the home of Azzam and Wadha
Michal Tsadik
Azzam and Wadha
Azzam and Wadha
Ariela Slonim