Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Paula, Yael Z.; Translator: Natanya

A pleasant day after some rainy days. Everything is washing and  in the area of Lachish the fields are already green.

The South Hebron hills are still dry. The seeds are only starting to sprout and the roads are empty which adds to the feeling of aridity and depression.

Tarkomiya. The area of the checkpoint is full of life, cars, trucks and cement containers. Business as usual. Road 31 is really empty. All the entrances to Hebron are open but one hardly sees cars and there is no real army prescence. Road 60 is also empty.

Hebron. The area of the Cave of the Patriarchs is busy with visitors leaving the buses  and going to and from the Cave.

The only buyers at Abed are the locals (and we ourselves) but at least it is quiet no one disturbs the peace.

Soldiers of the parachute division are now guarding the city and they are more peaceful. They do not know our organization  but when we tell when who we are they do not show reservations at least not openly.

A group of English speakers are having an  explanation from one of the members of Breaking the Silence and the THIP are on guard at the checkpoint of tarpat (the area of the riots). Two soldiers who are on guard at the steps which lead to the Cordova School  are trying to make a device which will open the gate by pulling from the bottom. The schools are not operating today and they seem rather bored.

We wanted to check how the preparations for turning the excavations at Tel  Rumeida into a national park are progressing  (it was discussed over the news). No one stopped us from going up the road to the caravans thee and when we asked the soldier who stood on the top how one gets to the excavations he began a series of phone calls so as  to arrange for a guard and an accompaniment. We left the matter for another time.

The Zif crossroads.  The vegetable shop is closed and locked …it is not obvious if it is only for today or permanent.

We arrived quickly at the Meitar checkpoint. The parking lot is full  even though fewer workers passed through today because of the rain.  The passage is swift and we are soon back at the irrigated vegetable plots on the west side of the green line.