Halhul - difficult economically and a sad Ramadan in Corona days

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Ronit R. - telephone report; Translator: Natanya

O. rang to ask about his  petition, after his request for the removal of the security precaution was denied.

In the meantime, we also discussed the situation. In Halhul , there are no sick people , and in general, he says the situation about the Corona  is better than in Israel, in terms of morbidity. But the government is not helping and therefore the financial situation is difficult. Ramadan is as sad holiday this year . They  can't uphold  the customs that are, apart from fasting during the day, praying at mosques, hosting relatives and friends and staying with them for Iftar dinners in the evenings, exchanging gifts and giving charity. The corona also forces people to stay  in their homes and they have  no means of buying groceries, holiday foods and gifts as is customary. According to him, the  Palestinian authority is forcing  people to remain in their homes , but there is hardly any financial help. They said they would give some financial help at the end of Ramadan (then celebrate Eid al-Fitr) and meanwhile the financial situation is very difficult.

He wants to petition the court against the prevention and on the face of it there seems to be a good chance of success. But there seems to be little change that he will be able to pay even the low costs that we are asking for. (2,300 shekel which is much lower than most lawyers take and covers only the cost of the court. Even in the better days many Palestinians as it is, cannot pay  and waive the petition, and all the more so now).

Those who want to earn a living go out to work in Israel and risk becoming sick  and those who do not have permission can  be caught without a permit (and then become a police prevented which is very difficult "get rid of"). But O. believes he will also have to do this to bring food to his family. If the choice is between risking or getting caught and bringing food to children - he chooses his children ...