Jordan Valley: Family visit during Ramadan

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Rachel A.

A visit to families, kindergarten, and Ramadan

The Ramadan month is almost at its mid-point. All day people wait for the longed-for
7:14 p.m. in order to get a drink of water…

The Girls at the Hadidiya kindergarten are happy to mix Kor’an phrases with secular games. They recite several first verses running, count to 19 in English and Arabic, write letters and the beginning of words, and draw. They have 6 booklets learning several subjects: family, environment, language, arithmetic. Today they learned about the senses.

At the end of the day. we paid a Ramadan visit. Traditionally, brothers visit their sisters. The brothers from Makhoul bought juice and cookies at the grocery and drove to visit a sister living at Marj Al Na’aja – along road 90, north of Jiftlik village. Lots of palm trees, on the eastern side of the road. Even inside the village, among the houses. Date palms. We sat in a real house, built up with walls and air conditioning. Rather exciting for those who live in a tent. We returned for the Ramadan festive meal at Makhoul. Holiday greetings…