Damscus Gate - 4th Friday of Ramadan

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Ruthi Barkai; Translator: Bracha Ben-Avraham

At the bus stopped near Damascus Gate there were a lot of police barriers as there had been last week.   There are many policemen and border patrol soldiers present.   It was extremely hot.  I stood at the communications area to the right of the stairs leading down to the gate.  There were a lot of news personnel present but there was very little to photograph.  

There was a constant flow of people. Men, women, and children were all dressed in their best clothes.   People were moving along despite the crowds at the gate that exist on regular days.    People continued to enter for two hours     These were the fortunate people who had arrived despite the screening of the occupation.   It reminded me of being in Qalandiya.
A journalist from “Skype” explained that  he estimated that 35% of the Palestinians  had arrived.    Besides worship this is the only possibility for them to come to Jerusalem.  Everyone was taking photographs.   People continued to arrive as late as 13:00.  As I was leaving a group of soldiers arrived who were  wearing protective gear and covered from head to foot.