Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Kufr Jammal

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Tzvia S., Rahel A. (Reporting); Translation: Hanna K.

Nothing exceptional

Falamiya North (914) - 5:50

A quiet atmosphere. Business as usual. They open with a delay of 20 minutes and nobody gets excited. They wait for the announcement of the civil administrationinfo-icon about the change in the schedule during the Ramadan, which is due to be made tomorrow. There are few people.

The royal donkey of Riad

Sal'it Kafr Jamal 6:40

Many tractors and carts in which there are women labourers. The men descend to be checked. The women's ID cards are transferred by the driver. About 200 workers pass. Here too all is quiet. From time to time the Sergeant or his superior arrive to shout Irja (go back) and arrange them in rows. The people wait patiently and talk politics with us, and about opening times. Here too they are waiting for changes during the Ramadan. To return home at 4 instead of at half past five. They have submitted a request. Interesting to see whether it will be conceded.