Habla - People on foot cross whenever they choose through gaps in the fence while vehicles wait for the army

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Karin L., Shoshi A. (reporting and photographing), Saraya (student guest) Translator: Charles K.

A brief stop at the plant nursery.  A. is occupied receiving seedlings.  He says the soldiers manage the checkpoint very well.  People on foot cross whenever they choose through gaps in the fence while vehicles wait for the army.  An arrangement that works for everyone.

A long line of vehicles at Eliyahu checkpoint.  Earthmoving equipment on a large area to the right.  Is the road being widened, or is it new construction?

Three soldiers at the entrance to ‘Azzun.  It’s a reminder of the collective punishment imposed on its residents after a woman was injured by a stone thrown by children.  The punishment went on and on until the army apparently decided to remove the roadblocks.

We brought parcels to our friend Z.’s shop.  His condition has worsened.  He has an appointment at Hadassah in two weeks for an operation to change the battery of the device implanted in his body, but the Palestinian Authority refuses to authorize the NIS 10,000 payment.  He’ll apply again.  Let’s hope the Authority will guarantee payment.

Falamya, checkpoint 914

It opens in the afternoon at 13:15

Six tractors and two cars leave.  Today is very hot; they’re happy to stop work early.

The huge gap in the fence is visible in the background of one of the photos.  People on foot, as well as vehicles, can go through it.  The soldiers say “good” Palestinians wait for the checkpoint to open.  The others comprise only a small percent of the total.  The fence was destroyed during the recent fighting in Gaza.

The soldiers approach us, inquire who we are.  And, as usual, start by telling us we’re not allowed to be here.  They’re surprised at how much we know.  They’re not familiar with the division into Area A, B and C.  As far as the army is concerned, things are either blue or red.

The conversation continues pleasantly; they’re cooperative.  The soldiers are polite, like those at Habla.  Is it just by chance?  Orders from the army?  We recall the female MP’s who barked at the Palestinians and also at us.  In the past, when we’d tried to talk to the soldiers, they wouldn’t answer.  They had orders.  Don’t talk to the traitors.

The soldiers close the gate and drive to Falamiya south checkpoint 935 (Jayous north)

Cultivated fields along the way, fruit trees and many greenhouses.  Since the fence was moved the entire area is under cultivation. 

The soldiers driving on the security road arrived before us.  We saw only one tractor exit.

We returned via Jaoyous.