Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Nina S., Herziliya A.: Translator: Hanna K.

Falamiya North 914

Opening Hours 06:00-06:45 The Occupation Routine

06:00 The checkpoint is still closed, about 40-50 people are waiting, as well as some tractors. (One of the waiting people greets us warmly and says that in spite of everything the situation here is better than in the surrounding countries).

06:30 One of the people who are waiting complains that the soldiers alsways arrive late and have no regard for the waiting people. Sometimes they sit in the air-conditioned jeep and pay no attention to the waiting people. Other complaints are about not having access to cold water, and to shade. The sheds are too small and cannot contain all those who wish to flee from the heat of the sun or the rain, while waiting for the opening of the gate. Also, because of the long waiting periods it would be advisable to prepare chemical toilets or others. People defecate in the field, and the stench is horrible. We tried to call the DCO to find out what was happening, but there was no reply.

06:35 The soldiers arrived but they were of the patrol only, according to the waiting people. They stayed in the car except one who left the car and confirmed in answer to our question that the soldiers would arrive soon.

06:40 The soldiers arrived and opened only the pedestrians passage. They were let through by fives, according to the usual procedure. During all the time the pedestrians passed the tractors waited.

06:55 The pedestrtians’ gate was closed and the big gate for the passage of vehicles was opened. 8 tractors and one donkey passed. The soldiers who opened the gate explained that they could not open the gate before the patrol arrived and the patrol was late. This was the reason for the delay.

07:00 We left for the Falamiya South Gate.


Falamiya South (Jayyus West) 935 Checkpoint.

Opening hours: 07:00-07:25

There were many people waiting and complaining about the delay in the opening of the gate. The soldiers arrive at 07:10. 8 tractors and one truck were waiting patiently. The soldiers opened the gate and let the pedetrians pass first, about 20, fives by five. Then the tractor owners were checked and passed.

07:25 We left when the last tractor passed before the closureinfo-icon.