Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

We passed the Meitar checkpoint, policemen and soldiers stop and check the passers-by near the gate through which the illegal residents pass. It is known as gate 11 (a name given to it for our two legs).

We continued on Route 317 towards A-Tuwani and there we met Fahri who reported to us a lot of vehicles being inspected by the Border Police and confiscated by the authorities. Today, three Palestinian vehicles were taken off the road under the claim that they had transported illegal workers, and in addition the vehicles were illegal because they did not have a vehicle license.

In Umm al-Kheir the situation is calm thanks to the corona, there is no demolition of tents or any structure. Id hopes that soon all the representatives of the international bodies will return to be present and to give the Palestinians a dignified sense of existence and to lower their anxiety. Id hopes that the foreign representatives of international bodies will also return to all areas of the West Bank because the Palestinians feel that they give them some protection.

Nabil from the grocery store at Zif Junction shares with us that the army and police are present from time to time, sometimes setting up a checkpoint and sometimes delaying residents of Yatta, the big city.

All the residents we met spoke through masks. To our question, is there a strict adherence to distance and the use of masks? We received different answers of yes and no of both. There is no distancing  and masks in all places, it all depends on the area and the residents who live in it.