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tor: Hanna K.Dalia Kleiman, Tzipi Eynot (reporting and photographing); Transla

Shift and meeting for knitting and English with the girls of the village

Routine.  Nothing exceptional on roads 5 and 505. There are soldiers at hitch-hikers stations, the bulldozers have left the Za'atara (Tapuah) intersection to dig somewhere else.

This time we did not leave the main road, despite the natural tendency of the vehicle to pull in the direction of Nablus.

The meeting with the girls was truly amazing.FullSizeRender.jpg

I would easily use superlatives, but shall restrain myself. The work together is wonderful. The lessons and the conversations are most naturally held in English, Arabic and Hebrew.IMG_0376.JPG

We read a new story in English, as well as a new song they loved very much. Continuance of the knitting with impressive results. Love is in the Air. The muezzin joined the warm and confidence inspiring atmosphere. This week a fourth sister of the Ednan family joined us. The five year old girl danced, sang and produced very pretty works of handicraft. The elder sister got married a week ago and intends moving to live with her husband in Dubai. Life could be honey were it not for the occupation. We did not participate at the wedding as we were hesitant to drive at night in the occupied territories. I think they understood. From a telephone conversation we gathered that it was dreamlike and the bride beautiful like a princess. At our next visit we shall see photos.

FullSizeRender (1)_0.jpg

FullSizeRender (2)_0.jpgIMG_0377.JPG

I hope the gossip didn’t disturb anybody. It is proof to the fact that people essentially aspire to a normal life. To make a living, to get married, to raise children and to enable them a good education and happiness.