Gochya, Hamra (Beqaot), Jordan Valley, Tayasir

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Revital Sela and Rachel Hayut (photos and report)

10:00 Bezeq Chckpoint – crossing over into the Occupied Territories.

At the entrance of the settlement Giv’at Sal’it stood two Military Policewomen, for some unknown reason. Cars line up, finally we can proceed. Near the turnoff to Al Faresiya we saw a line of chemical outhouses, and next to them – two tanks.

Rotem settlement announces its presence with a new, large sign standing on the slope towards the road. The new settlement beneath continues to grow, and take on shelter (perhaps from the expected rains).

Allon Road Gokhia Gate – we brought a shade net (initiative and organization – Raya Yaron, with other good people). With Dafna’s help we contacted the family who was promised this net, and we all met next to this gate. The heavy net was loaded on the family donkey. Luckily for it, the family lives not far from the gate, and their way would not take long.

While we were waiting for the family, a Civil Administration vehicle arrived, opening the gate, followed by a blue tractor, and then an army jeep. We realized this tractor was on its way to being confiscated. The driver (from Toubas?) looked scared, and turned north following the “civilian” vehicle. Nirit and her camerainfo-icon documented the whole event.

Hamra Checkpoint (15:00) – The junction is deserted. Where is the Palestinian flag we saw from afar a week earlier? From a report posted on the net we understand the army took it down. Is there an order forbidding putting up a Palestinian flag?

Allon Road- we saw soldiers marching at the Kfir Brigade’s training areas…

Tשyasir Checkpoint – the army area here is unmanned…

Al Aqaba: the village’s central building is getting an additional storey, and the tea packing house is being enlarged. From our talk with Haj Sami we understood that the families whose homes were demolished by the army would be delighted to receive blankets as well as warm clothing for their children, especially for these very cold nights. We also heard that a Civil Administration official has been seen driving around this area, “perhaps issuing demolition orders”, or busy confiscating. We did not see him, and later   heard from Q. that a tractor was confiscated at…?

Allon Road – Sunday morning – no soldiers in the army’s training areas. On the road buses transport soldiers to bases. New dirt dikes have been added near Gokhia Gate.

Hamra Checkpoint (11:20) The road is open. A bulldozer is parked in its place in the old checkpoint compound. No one is seen up in the watchtower, that is decorated with flags. A Palestinian flag looks on, from the hilltop above Jiftlik.

Khalat Makhoul – we came in to say hello.

Here we met Annelien and Rina on their way to En Al Hilwa and then to Al Hama. We joined them. Along the road we keep seeing army vehicles and a tank on a carrier.

13:15 Bezeq Checkpoint – back into Israel.

 שער גוכיה. טרקטור שהוחרם
Gokhya gate. The confiscated tractor

שער גוכיה. פגישה עם החמור שיסחוב את הרשת צל.    (3
 Gokhya gate. Meeting the donkey that will carry the net

29.11.16 מחסום תיאסיר מתארגן לקליטת האימון הצבאי
Tayasir checkpoint getting ready for the manoeuvre