'Azzun, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Lea G.B., Tzipi A., Shoshi A. - report and photos

We begin the shift by shopping at Nebi Elias, and in Azun by visiting Z., who has undergone a serious operation and is hoping for an improvement of his condition.

Falamiye CP 914

The road leading to the CP is new and in good condition. We meet A., who used to be the head of the Kafriyat. He tells us that the Palestinian Authority forced them to split the municipalities, and each village now has a municipality of its own. Why? We fail to understand. An order has been given and that’s it. The merger didn’t please the Authority. Perhaps they had gathered too much strength?

At the CP, a new pedestrian lane has been constructed. Is electronic checking planned here? Is there a chance that something will be improved here?


 This part of the CP was built two days ago.

The Palestinians repeatedly request that the gate be opened from morning till evening, as it used to be before the fence had been moved. Opening three times a day is a hardship for them, involving long hours of waiting, and a lot of time wasted.

Two civilian cars arrive on the system road. We cannot see who is in them. Perhaps these are officers who come to check the new pedestrian passage, which was built two days ago?


12:50 A military vehicle arrives and out of it come four military policemen. Along with us, the owners of four tractors and a car are waiting for the opening.


12:55 The gate is due to open at 12:45 – why don’t they open it? The farmers are in a hurry to get to their plots. The soldiers take their time.

The soldiers are polite, they do not attack us with questions, such as 'what are you doing here' and 'where did you come from.'

The first group of six people goes in to be checked.

13:00 The first tractor leaves. The tractor owners go in to be inspected, return to their tractors and pass through.

4 tractors, loaded with sacks of za’atar (hyssop), come out. A lovely crop.


Tree tractors and one truck enter the area. Five bicyle riders leave.

13:15 The soldiers get ready to close the CP and we leave for the Falamiye South no. 935 CP (Jayus West). Something goes wrong and we seem to have lost our way. We have probably reached the seasonal CP Jayus no. 965. We turn back and continue looking for Falamiye South, arriving at closing time.

Those who have arrived earlier had already passed and the soldiers close the gate on time, at 13:45.

We continue on an unpaved road in the direction of Jayus.

At the entrance to Azun soldiers stop every entering and exiting vehicle for checking. Surprise inspections are a routine matter.

azun 29112016
Soldiers check every vehicle tht goes in or out.

Our last stop is at the plant nursery, for shopping and a conversation with A. over a glass of tea.