'Azzun, 'Izbet alTabib, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Carol Cook and Fathiya (reporting)

13:20 Habla. When we arrived they were already beginning to close the gate, and didn’t allow a truck, which was coming from the direction of Habla, to pass,  saying that this was the time to close the gate and in spite of the fact that the truck had been waiting in the queue. The soldiers argued with us saying that the truck had indeed passed, although we saw how it turned around and returned to Habla.

We asked when they had opened the gate that they are already closing it and they replied that they are closing it at a fixed time 13:20. We contacted the DCO and there they told us that this was the time the gate had to be closed and that it would be reopened at 16:15. On our way we saw about ten soldiers standing at the entrance to Izbat Tabib and a line of vehicles waiting to be checked.

About hundred meters from the entrance to Azun there were two military tenders parked, and soldiers standing near them.

Opposite the entrance to Azzun, on the sides of the road there was a group of soldiers walking around.

14:20 We were stuck for about half an hour in a traffic jam because of a surprise barrier after the roundabout of Kedumim, near the village of Jit.

On the road of Yitzhar-Huwwara, near Burin. a group of settlers accompanied by two vehicles was wandering around.

Inabus On Tuesday 28.1 the settlers of Yitzhar entered the school there and burned down two classes 

On Saturday 25.1 settlers from Giv’at Ronen came down to a house in Burin and began shouting in Arabic – get out of here, this is our land. The house owners summoned the young men who call themselves The Defence Group. At the same time the soldiers arrived too and the settlers went away.

16:10 Before we reached the Huwwara CP we saw a fire from the direction of Burin, so we returned to Burin. The fire was in a house near Giv’at Ronen. The house  had been abandoned because of the harassments of the settlers.

Huwwara – The CP was manned.

17:20 Za’atara – the CP was manned and two Palestinian vehicles were delayed.