Burin in Corona days - Yitzhar is closed by the army and Burin can relax

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Amira Itiel reporting a telephone conversation: Translator: Hanna K.

Report in Corona days

In a conversation with M. from the village of Burin.

M. tells us that the families are in detention at home and that this is “natural” for them. They are even immune against the economic situation without means of income. 

“Because poor people what do they need? Flour, rice, oil and this they have… Chicken and doves are outside and some garden vegetables – and they are fine!”

“They don’t need to deprive themselves from outings to the cinema, to restaurants, to trips abroad… This is not their way of life. Therefore it’s easier for them.”

“They are used to curfew, closureinfo-icon, barriers. The worst memory is from the Intifada time, and afterwards three years when the village was closed and people were shot at”… 

In the meantime there is quiet since Thursday, when people from Yitzhar threw Molotov cocktails on the security vehicles.

The army now watches and closes in on Yitzhar, and the Burin inhabitants have peace both from the settlers and from the army too.

In the village of Bido there is a serious outbreak of the Corona. 30 people got sick from a worker who returned from Israel. His mother died from the disease.

In the surroundings of Ramallah and Jerusalem too there is an outbtreak of the epidemic. In the region of Nablus it is quiet in the meantime. Workers who return and withdraw the barriers on their way home, are caught by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority and are put in confinement.

There is anger at the Joint List because it didn’t stipulate its support of Gantz against the assurance that he wouldn’t team up with Netanyahu. We reached the conclusion that we are nothing but connected vessels in the processes that take place in the region. We tried to predict and wished for the best.

M. sends greetings of peace and health to the women of Machsom Watch and the Sea Days.